In a bid to stand out of the race, Microsoft is not building self drive cars. Instead, the company will enable autonomous vehicles and assisted driving with the most advanced technology.

Several top-notch companies like Toyota, General Motors and Ford are already working hard to build their own Self Drive cars technology, with Ford aiming to build self-driving cars by partnering with Google.

Apple, on the other hand, is expected to join the league in the coming years, while Uber is ready to build a fleet of self-driving vehicles. It appears that the Redmond tech giant is keen to venture into the car industry, but with a different approach.

Microsoft’s Executive Vice President Peggy Johnson confirmed the news at the Converge conference in Hong Kong this week, the Wall Street Journal reported. “We won’t be building our own autonomous vehicle,” but she added, “We in different ways enabled a variety of different partners and you’ll see us continuing to do that.”

Automakers are trying to carve their own niche in the automobile industry. To mark its position in the same space, the Redmond-based tech giant has already started having discussions with seven to eight different auto makers on technology.

As is reported by the International Business Times, Johnson spoke about the possibility of leveraging products like the company’s own Office 365 suite of apps, Azure cloud computing network and Windows to ensure enhanced passengers’ experiences. She also spoke about the use of Cortana, the company’s home-built voice-activated personal assistant, in the car.

In the coming years, the Redmond giant will be seen partnering with different automakers to meet specific needs of each car company. While some companies may want to increase productivity in cars, others will want to boost consumer experience. Microsoft will assist       all clients as per their requirements.

How long will it take to build the technologies? “That’s probably more up to auto makers because they’re probably doing the heavier lift here,” Johnson said.

Alphabet Inc., partnered with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV last month to enable self-driving technology into 100 Chrysler minivans, marking the first partnership with a notable auto maker.