Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the most talked about couple have had major issues with their relationship since the beginning. After their final break up happened we believed it was a closure for both, however in an interview with Access Hollywood, Justin Bieber once again confessed his love for Selena by calling her his “First Love.” Justin also added that he found the right girl at the wrong time.

Selena and Justin have been asked about their relationship more than a million times, although Justin has been available to respond most of the times, the “Come & Get It” singer has just kept silent. But now after Justin’s bold confession, the world has been waiting for Selena’s reaction.

So here we go – Selena Gomez is no longer interested in dating Bieber, she added that she is riding solo and enjoying every bit of it, notes Hollywood Life.

Now for the BIG gossip – Selena seems to be interested in dating an Australian. Well any random Australian or is it her “special Australian friend” Cody Simpson?

Cody Simpson is an Australian pop singer and actor, he released his debut single, “iYiYi” in May 2010 and a few months later, released the music video for his second single, “Summertime.”

Selena being an old school lover is definitely not in love with anyone as of now especially after her 2014 heartbreak.

As quoted by Hollywood Life, ” “Obviously the tour has been taking up my entire life but yeah I am single and enjoying it,” the singer said on Nov. 5. While joking with the radio hosts, she added, “You need to find me an Australian.” Host Kyle Sandilands then joked, “As soon as you get here we will go for a drive around Bondi beach. You point and I will get them in the car.”

Selena  recently released her new album “Revival” and she will be performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in December. This girl is a go-getter and we wish her all the luck for the future.