Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom were recently spotted together at a Las Vegas nightclub. Are they really just friends? Or has the actor actually cheated on his girlfriend Katy Perry with Gomez?

Hollywood Life cannot say for certain if Bloom has indeed been seeing Gomez on the side. But a body language expert told the gossip news site that there is an “intense attraction between the two of them.” Should Perry be worried?

“Selena Gomez is definitely into him,” body language expert Patti Wood said. “In one of the photos, Selena is resting all of her upper body weight on his upper chest and her face is towards him. It’s like she wants to devour him. The fact that Orlando’s arm is held down loosely and the scoop of his hand is away from her implies ‘You do the work’. Obviously, there is an intense attraction between the two of them…the chemistry is explosive. However, his gestures suggest that he has all the power. Selena’s body language implies she wants even more of his love and affection. He’s into her. But she is giving more than he is. She is very, very into him sexually.”

Photos of Bloom and Gomez together recently surfaced online. According to TMZ, “things got very ‘touchy feely’ quickly” between the pair on Friday night in Las Vegas.

However, in a separate report, Hollywood Life says Perry and Bloom have not split up. The “Roar” songstress still thinks Gomez got a little too close to her man, though. “Katy is leaning towards trusting Orlando and is thinking that he did nothing wrong…even though the pictures appear to show something different,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She is currently more pissed at Selena and wants her to stay away from Orlando at all costs. Katy doesn’t trust her.”