Photos of Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom looking intimate together in Las Vegas recently surfaced online. Were they just doing it to piss Katy Perry off?

It isn’t clear yet if Bloom really did cheat on Perry with Gomez. However, TMZ found footage that seems to show the actor leaving the club “in the same car” as Gomez. The gossip site is sure that the girl in the video is Gomez because of her silver dress. Bloom, on the other hand, “tried to slip out low key…head down with a hat.” However, a source told TMZ that the pair shared the car with other people. Did Gomez and Bloom really hook up or not?

Patti Wood, a body language expert, seems to think so. Or at least, they had “explosive” chemistry. Wood earlier studied the photos of Gomez and Bloom at that nightclub. “Selena Gomez is definitely into him,”  Wood told Hollywood Life. “In one of the photos, Selena is resting all of her upper body weight on his upper chest…It’s like she wants to devour him…Obviously, there is an intense attraction between the two of them…the chemistry is explosive…He’s into her. But she is giving more than he is. She is very, very into him sexually.”

However, a source did tell People earlier that Gomez and Bloom are “absolutely just friends.” His girlfriend’s friends are not that convinced, though. It was earlier reported that Perry’s friends have always been worried that Bloom would just break her heart. “Her friends [were always] worried about Orlando’s reputation as a player,” a source said. “and [they] warned Katy to be careful when they first hooked up.”

“This is so heartbreaking for Katy,” the source added. “He really had her believing he was head over heels for her and [was really] all in.”