Nick Jonas has nothing but praise for Selena Gomez and her success. Is it a sign that the couple should revisit their former romance?

Jonas candidly shared his feelings about Selena Gomez, his fellow Disney alum with Entertainment Weekly recently, HollywoodLife reported. The publication cited excerpts from his EW interview.

“Selena has been incredibly, incredibly smart,” Jonas revealed. “She played me [her 2015 album] Revival maybe six months before it came out and I knew, like, this is excellent. I was such a fan of ‘Good for You’ and ‘Hands to Myself,’” Jonas added.

Nick Jonas dated Gomez for two years prior to her romance with Justin Bieber, the publication noted. It is a fact that he also acknowledged in the interview. However, it didn’t take away his pride for his peer group.

“If you want to talk about that sort of graduating class of 2008, I’m really proud – it’s a really good group. Regardless of some of the history between us in different ways, there’s a general strength and empowerment that we all feel, still being in the mix and being in a good spot. It’s a cool thing,” he added.

It is no doubt his previous relationship with Gomez might have magnified attention towards his comments. Their “scandalous whisper” at the MTV VMAs in 2015 even raised speculation of a reunion. Gomez called the candid photo “crazy.” Earlier rumors hinted at attempts to rekindle their romance.

Belfast Telegraph noted the timing of his comment as it comes after Gomez’s breakdown on stage during her “Revival” tour in Canada last May 26. However, as it turns out, Gomez broke down because of a fan project that moved her to tears, Just Jared Jr. wrote.

Fans caught the attention of Gomez as she sang “Who Says” with signs that read, “We are worth it” in reference to its lyrics “Who says you’re not worth it?” Gomez couldn’t sing any further and let her fans finish the song for her, the publication added.

“Thank you guys for spending your night with me. Whether you’ve been here from the beginning or now, it’s just been such a crazy ride because you’ve seen me go through my ups and downs, and I couldn’t be more grateful,” Gomez said afterwards.