Selena Gomez might never get over Justin Bieber, even if she wanted to. Every so often, rumours about their possible reunion surface then rumours of a nasty separation soon follow.

It’s no wonder that speculations came out when Selena Gomez teased about her new song on Snapchat. “Is it possible that she’s singing about Justin Bieber?” HollywoodLife asked.

Only a snippet of the lyrics from the song is clear from the video, “Do you stay up late/ just so you don’t dream?” HollywoodLife noted. However, the caption Gomez added on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts did not give away details as she only wrote “New new new music.”

Selena via snapchat!! Caption: "New new new music" omg😍 #selenagomez @selenagomez

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Could the lyrics suggest Bieber’s frustration over failed attempts to reconcile with Gomez? Could she be dissing the Biebs about it? Does he stay up late to avoid dreaming about her?

His throwback pic post excited Jelena fans when it viral while her appearance at his L.A. “Purpose” tour stop fuelled rumours even more. Yet, sources point out that Bieber ignored Gomez during the iHeartRadio Awards.

HollywoodLife spoke earlier with an insider who gave insight into their relationship.

“They keep playing mind games with each other because they both want to wear the pants when it comes to a relationship. As much as they want things to happen with each other again, it’s easier to play these games. It seems to be something they enjoy even more than having a normal relationship with each other. This will only continue between the two,” the insider told the publication.

However, Taylor Swift could also be the reason why it’s not likely for Jelena to get back together because Swift is not a fan of Justin Bieber. Their feud began in 2013 after Swift advised Gomez to breakup with him, US Weekly reported then.

The Hollywood Gossip, on the other hand, revealed that Swift continues to urge Gomez to stay away from Bieber. Swift was more adamant about this after Bieber secretly brought Hailey Baldwin to the iHeartRadio Awards as his date, THG reported earlier.