Are Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin friends? Justin Bieber’s past and present girlfriends allegedly hung out on Super Bowl Sunday.

The pair, along with Gigi Hadid, attended a private party at Zuma, Page Six reported.

“Gigi was laidback,  drinking water and munching on Buffalo wings. Selena, with a bodyguard, drank tequila,” shared an insider.

Hadid is a mutual friend of Gomez and Baldwin.

Whether accidental or planned, Seventeen calls Gomez the “chillest ex ever, or the most mature person the planet” for hanging out with Bieber’s rumoured girlfriend.

Seventeen also referred to her “loyal, ride-or-die kinda gal, so she’s not the type to let any potential boy drama get in the way of friendship” attitude.

On Sunday, Gomez also regrammed the following from Shay Mitchell’s Insta.

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This is not the first time Gomez ran into Baldwin. In January, she ran into Baldwin and father Stephen at Hollywood’s The Nice Guy.

Prior to hanging out with the girls on Sunday, Hadid hung out with Bieber and his friends in San Francisco the day before. E Online also dished out insider news the two spent Saturday night together.

“They are not an exclusive couple even though Hailey has made it clear that’s what she wants from Bieber,” the source said. The insider added, “They spent the night together Saturday.”

When asked recently about his relationship with Baldwin, Bieber told GQ “[Hailey’s] someone I really love. We spend a lot of time together.”

HollywoodLife took note of the singer’s carefully worded response for his first-ever GQ cover issue.

It noted, “He didn’t say that he was in love with Hailey, just that he loves her. Clever guy! He was purposefully ambiguous with his phrasing to make sure he didn’t say anything too shocking! Friends can love each other without any romantic implications, right?”

Other news from HollywoodLife revealed Bieber’s wish to see Gomez at the Grammys on February 15 for ‘good luck’.

An insider told HollywoodLife exclusively, “She’s his lucky charm — that’s what Justin has always told her. They still text every so often, but haven’t seen each other for some time now. For Justin, it would be a welcome surprise to see her at the awards show.”

Meanwhile, Gomez has made clear her feelings about Bieber in a recent interview.

She said, “I’m so exhausted, I honestly am so done. I care about his health and well-being. But I can’t do it anymore.”