Selena Gomez surely didn’t expect to ran into Justin Bieber’s rumoured flame, Hailey Baldwin. Reports mentioned that their meeting totally freaked her out.

According to Hollywood Life, Selena ran into Hailey and her dad, Stephen Baldwin at Hollywood’s “The Nice Guy.” A source mentioned that Selena wasn’t expecting to cross paths with Hailey. Meeting JB’s rumoured girl “really threw her for a loop.”

So what could be the reason why Selena Gomez felt awkward? The source mentioned that Selena’s “insecure” about JB’s new relationship. She has thoughts of comparing herself with Justin’s new girl.

The source added,

“Justin was her first love and she’ll always have feelings for him. Not only that, but he never really made her feel totally safe or secure in the relationship, so any time he’s with another girl she’s haunted with thoughts of, ‘Is he treating her better than he treated me? Does he love her more? Is she prettier?”

Nonetheless, the actress-turned-singer handled it like a pro. The source admitted that Selena was polite and even went up to greet both Hailey and Stephen. But when she returned to her table, the source noted that she couldn’t eat and just texted on her phone.

The source revealed,

“They run in the same circles, but Selena has never been a big fan of Hailey’s, mainly because she always suspected she had a crush on Justin. But Selena is a lady and she has been friendly with Hailey in the past so she knew she had to say ‘hello’ to her and her father.”

Recently, JB’s unreleased track hit the web and it was reported to have been written for Selena Gomez. In the song, Justin Bieber seemed to promise that he’ll always be there for her.

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