Chris Rock’s recent tweet comparing Selena Gomez to Beyoncé has earned him the wrath of her fans. More so because the 51-year-old tweeted a meme of 23-year-old Gomez from her revival tour. It compared her unfavorably with Beyoncé.

Selenators have slammed Rock for posting an insensitive meme which almost says that Selena Gomez is poor man’s Beyoncé.

Rock, who had been tweeting about the late Muhammad Ali, then took a dig at Selena Gomez, when he added a “This is true” to a photo from Gomez’s Revival Tour, states Daily Mail.

The photo showed the “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” singer in a gold bodysuit with a caption that said, “when you buy your Formation tickets on Craigslist.”

No wonder, Selenators are up in arms against Rock. Many took to Twitter to post a response to his tweet. “@chrisrock that’s how irrelevant you’ve become to where you need to use @selenagomez to get attention? yikes. seek help,” said Twitter user Emma. “@chrisrock I hope you feel good about yourself now. A grown man has to slam a young woman to make himself feel better. That’s sad Chris,” added another Twitter user.

However, the dig on Selena Gomez has annoyed Justin Bieber as well states Hollywood Life. According to the publication’s sources, the singer is upset with Rock and wants him to apologize. “Justin is no stranger to being the punchline to Chris’s harsh jokes, but taking aim at Selena is a whole other ball game!,” revealed sources.

“Justin has nothing but love for Chris, but dissing Selena is crossing the line even if it was just for a laugh,” they added. But that might just not happen. Another Hollywood Life report indicates that Rock isn’t saying sorry. This is because, his supporters believe that he didn’t actually make the mean joke. He just told it to his millions of twitter followers.

“He didn’t know he was going to get so much heat from her fans but he is taking it in stride. He is not going to apologize either,” revealed insiders.

“We all saw him at the Oscars and everything else he does, he doesn’t pull punches. It might be Selena today and somebody else tomorrow. Chris wants to be funny, and sometimes you offend people with no sense of humor, it is just a part of the job,” they added.