Selena Gomez has talked about her inspiration behind the song “Hands to Myself.” The song, which is the third single from her second studio album “Revival,” was promoted by the singer during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in December last year.

On Wednesday, Gomez released a three-minute behind-the-scenes look of the song “Hands to Myself.” The music video of the song shows the Texan beauty as a stalker running around her ex-boyfriend’s luxurious Los Angeles home.

“It is probably Top Three, maybe Number One favorite on the album because it’s one of those hidden gem songs,” Gomez said of the sexy song “Hands to Myself” in a recently released clip.

“It’s very beautiful and special and it’s got this funk to it that really created this whole sound that could knock me into the future of my music. So it’s exciting to see it come to life,” she added.

According to Just Jared, Gomez said she wanted to conceptualize the music video of “Hands to Myself” keeping in mind “two different versions of being in this fantasy.” “I think everyone can have those moments where they’re dreaming of what their life could be, especially girls with love,” said the singer, adding that the music video tries to show what happens when you are “being obsessed with the idea, and you can’t control yourself. That’s what you want no matter what’s happening.”

“You get to see these images of what people think love is,” said the ex-girlfriend of Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. She also added that the music video has a very “theatrical” and “movie-like” feel to it. “And all of that you end up seeing ends up being a false reality on both ends. That’s what I wanted it to feel like,” concluded the singer.

“Hands to Myself” was directed by Gomez’s “family friend” Alek Keshishian, who has also directed the music video of “Madonna: Truth or Dare.” The song was released as an Apple Music exclusive on Dec. 21, 2015. Check out Gomez talking about “Hands to Myself” below: