Selena Gomez is Down Under for her Revival Tour. Apparently, it is her first time in the country but she is ready to have fun with Aussies.

Fresh from the Asian leg of her tour, Selena Gomez arrived in Australia for a series of shows. The singer is currently in Sydney for the next installment on August 9. She did her first show in Melbourne last August 7. During the show, she came forward with what she thought of Australian men. Her honesty along with her giggles captivated the audience, according to The Daily Telegraph.

“The guys are really cute here, I’m not gonna lie. I’m ready to have some fun,” Gomez told the crowd. Could this indicate she is open to dating? Moreover, would she consider dating an Australian? Selena Gomez is on this month’s cover of Vogue Australia. In the accompanying interview, she revealed her desire for a relationship that would not overshadow her personal achievements as a successful artist. Hence, this could explain why Jelena is never going to happen again.

Early on, Mail Online wrote about the Australian tradie who asked Selena Gomez for a date. Apprentice plumber Luke Gordon from Sydney Snapchatted the singer to ask if she would consider a boyfriend from Down Under. It took the singer two weeks before responding to Gordon’s message. Surprisingly, the singer declared that she could consider it. Moreover, she invited Gordon to come to the show.

However, the cheeky Australian might have asked the question on behalf of his fellow countrymen. As it turns out, Gordon is in a relationship. Hence, if he indeed goes to the concert, it would be with a plus one. Nevertheless, Selena Gomez has other options Down Under. More importantly, she is open to the idea of dating an Australian.

Watch  the Snapchat invitation from Selena Gomez.