Foxtel’s six-part drama series “Secret City” looks into Australian politics at the level of other prominent shows like the “House of Cards” and “West Wing.”

“Secret City” features a lot of intrigues as it explores the political scene Down Under and the typical characters that thrive within it, The New Daily wrote. Here are five things to learn about the series that will surely interest you.

1. The story arc of “Secret City” centers on the increasing tension between China and America in relation to the ongoing South China Sea crisis, the publication revealed. Australia is reluctant to take part in the discussion. However, a fiery incident would trigger a series of events that might thrust the country into the fray.

2. “The Marmalade Files” and “The Mandarin Code” written by Canberra political journalists Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis inspired the story for “Secret City,” Foxtel reported. It prominently highlights the Australian capital as indicated by its tagline, “A world of secrets, lies, murder, and betrayal … beneath the placid facade of Canberra,” The Australian wrote.

The city’s exposure prompted the ACT government to announce an AU$250,000 funding to ScreenACT. The agency is responsible for drawing production companies to the capital, Canberra Times wrote.

3. Anna Torv (“Fringe”), Marcus Graham, and Benedict Samuel headline the cast of “Secret City.” The stars revealed that filming took them to the Prime Minister’s courtyard and inside the Parliament House. Graham noted Lewis’ influence paved the way for a few doors to open for the series.

“He carries a lot of clout too. There was one point where he got in touch with a representative from ASIO and opened a few doors that were rare to enter through. It was quite extraordinary,” Graham told Foxtel.

4. Torv plays the role of Harriet Dunkley, a journalist who suspects a conspiracy at play after the suspicious death of a young man. Dunkley’s discovered a “secret city” of interwoven schemes that could threaten the country and its citizenry, Foxtel revealed.

Torv’s “customary assuredness” stands out in the series, The Australian remarked. The publication recalled her credible performance as FBI agent Oliva Dunham on “Fringe.” The lead role was originally written for a Harry Dunkley as created by Lewis and Uhlmann in the book, The Screen Blog revealed. However, he turned into a woman as series writers thought it would be a more interesting character.

5. Australian actor Damon Herriman plays the role of transgender Kim Gordon who happens to be Dunkley’s former husband, The Australian wrote.

“Secret City” airs Sundays at 8:30 p.m. on Foxtel’s Showcase.