Killer and rapist Sean Christian Price has been sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing 17-year-old girl Masa Vukotic and raping another woman at her workplace in a separate circumstance.

The convict will remain in prison for life with a non-parole period of 38 years, making him ineligible for parole release until he turns 70. While sentencing him on Friday, Victorian Supreme Court Justice Lex Lasry said that it was a legal “catastrophic mismanagement” that gave Price a chance to keep on reoffending social and public norms. He added that the offender has been a great threat to the community.

“There were many red flags to indicate that the risks of leaving you to your own devices were very significant and likely to involve violence, but nowhere near enough was done,” Justice Lasry said as quoted by 9News. “This is a tragic case.”

During the proceeding, the court heard that Price left home on March 17, 2015 with an aim of killing someone. He carried an extra T-shirt in case his clothes were stained with blood while he committed the crime. He went to a park in Doncaster area where he found Vukotic. When he was interrogated by detectives about this in prison, he told them that he murdered her as she was dressed like a “yuppie.” Price, 32, brutally attacked Vukotic and stabbed her 49 times to her death.

When he saw the media coverage of the incident, he was alarmed and realised that he was on the verge of being arrested anytime. The psychotic criminal decided to commit another crime before being jailed. On March 19, he sexually assaulted a woman at her workplace reportedly for sexual pleasure before being arrested. The unnamed woman fought Price back but was severely injured both physically and emotionally.

“Your conduct was disgusting,” Lasry said on Friday after hearing the story. “The executive government has both failed to treat you and failed to protect the community,” the judge added referring to the delayed verdict, as quoted by The Age.