MTV thriller series “Scream” season 2 is now opening up about what is stored there. The story that has started with a happy note doesn’t seem to have cheerful moments coming anytime soon.  A recently released sneak peek of an upcoming episode hints about Noah’s fate while exploring the unexplored. Is he going to die? Or is it just a misguiding strategy by the channel to present a blow of shock?

Every thriller series has one thing common that reads: ‘Trust no one’. Anyone could be the suspect and with every new twist and turn the suspicion shifts from one to another. At times, things become confusing but thrilling simultaneously. The last episode of season 2 showed something similar when every person got the run through from the town sheriff and the killer.

After her experience with her unknown sister Piper, can Emma really trust anyone at Lakewood in Scream season 2?

According to Cartermatt, in the last episode, we saw Audrey is hiding her connection to the murderer. At the same time who knows the truth is harassing her and Noah is getting closer to the truth about the murders.

In episode 6, he will also be discussing more with his friends about his speculation on the killer, now that he has more pieces of the puzzle put together in Scream season 2, , reveals TV Guide.

The channel recently drops a 2:09 minutes preview which leaves the viewers on a cliff-hanger. To find out more about the mystery of the killer, Noah drives down to a spooky location. When he senses that something is uncanny he makes his way back to his car.

Perhaps it is his biggest mistake. Demise is disguise is waiting for him right at Noah’s back seat. The creepy creature in mask put a handkerchief (may have chloroform on it) over his nose and mouth. Before realizing a thing, Noah, passes out.

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Whether Noah’s character will bite the dust or survive in Scream season 2? Episode 6 might provide us an answer.

Scream season 2 airs at 10/9c on every Tuesday on MTV .