Those who haven’t seen episode 1 of “Scream” Season 2 should turn back now as we’ll reveal the name of the latest victim. Those who cannot resist the temptation, read on. The latest victim of the mysterious masked killer is none other than Jake Fitzgerald (Tom Maden) himself, a major character in the show.

Jake and Brooke (Carlson Young) were having an affair, but following an argument which quickly went south, she broke up with him and called him a “d**k,” notes Jake could not take it lying down and decided to prove that she is wrong about him. He was captured by the killer, hung upside down and slashed with a scythe. But his horrible fate wasn’t dealt with quickly. In fact, the killer kept him tied up for most of the episode before disposing him off.

It was definitely a shock to the fans to watch a main character, one of the survivor members of the Lakewood 6 gang, get brutally offed on screen. It must be even more painful knowing that Jake spent most of the episode tied up in the dark, having no idea what was coming for him. But in terms of storytelling, it was a masterstroke. It created a tension and a longing among viewers to see what happens to Jake.

Entertainment Weekly (EW) caught up with the “Scream” showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register and asked them why Jake had to be the first victim for Season 2. “You needed to care a lot about that person, and that person needed to feel meaningful to us,” Gans told EW. This is the thing with horror shows and movies – a major character has to die to really raise the stakes for everyone; the characters and the audience. Of course, this would mean that by the time the show is over, a few or none would be spared by the killer, who’d most likely be unmasked and die as well.

“Always for a serialised cast like this, with stories of several characters you keep coming back to, every season you want to have a major reset. We thought this would really reset our characters in a very impactful way,” Register told EW. Stories like these always thrive on the shock value. In fact, the whole point of having a show like this is to have people invest in characters then kill them in the most brutal way possible. Creative geniuses with twisted minds tend to earn their living from such displays of violence. There’s a big market for such outputs.

Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Brooke will be looking to solve Jake’s murder when “Scream” season 2, episode 2 called “Psycho” airs on June 6.