“Scream Queens” has been renewed on Fox and Season 2 preparations are underway.

The story for the new season will be a little different from the last where season two will be set in a nearby hospital. E! Online reports that in the second season of the hit Ryan Murphy mystery crime drama TV series, fans will meet four brand new male cast members and four returning stars from the first season.

According to E!, sources claim that no discussions have taken place yet regarding the cast. However, it is very much expected that Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts will return.

Nick Jonas, in a recent interview with TheWrap while promoting his new drama film “Goat” at the Sundance Film Festival also talked about the possibility of reprising his role on the show.

“I don’t know. I think I’m dead for real this time. So I don’t know if I’m coming back,” the actor said when asked if there’s a chance for him to star in the second season of “Scream Queens.”

Jonas played Dickie Dollars Scholar member Boone Clemens who turned out to be one of the show’s antagonists.

Meanwhile, regarding the new stars of the show, Murphy revealed at the Fan Fright Fest in New York City  that he has already started talking to actors who may be joining the show for the second season.

“I’ve already started to meet cast members,” he said, before revealing what his casting preferences are. “I like to go after people I’ve always loved and never worked with before like Keke (Palmer). But Keke’s now in my world and will always be in my world, but sometimes people will just write me emails and I’ve gotten a lot of emails.”

While the names of the new cast are still to be announced, Ryan Murphy hinted in interviews that the actors are in their 20s and 30s and that they will most likely play the role of medical professionals.

Taylor Swift, Adam Levine, and Harry Styles are only some of the names that have been rumored and attached to the show’s second season.

“Scream Queens” is expected to return to Fox this fall.