Scott Kelly has come back to Earth taller and younger. However, NASA is not after these body changes. The agency is mostly interested in the fluids in Kelly’s body and how they were shifted, are examining the condition of his immune system and if muscle and bone mass were lost during his flight.

The space man’s mission to the ISS has made him taller by two inches as confirmed by the NASA spokesperson. This can be explained by the absence of gravity in space, which pulls down the human body and stretches the spine by around 3 inches longer, compared to what it was prior to his flight. However, his new height is only temporary, as gravity will also pull him back down to his size later, CNN reported.

Kelly is less than one over 100th of a second younger compared to what he may have been if he remained on Earth. There is a bit of a confusing explanation for this since it has something to do with the theory of relativity by Einstein.  When a couple of objects move at different speeds, the time runs faster for the object that is slower, this is called the time dilation. Now, Kelly is moving at a temporary faster speed compared to others on

He is popular these days. Kelly was able to talk with President Barack Obama on the phone from a private seat that was provided for him in an airplane. As if not enough, he is also younger and taller. With his sudden, yet temporary changes, one might think that space is the best when it comes to plastic surgery.

Kelly had been exposed as well to a very significant amount of radiation than a person will possibly have in his lifetime. Also, he had no opportunity to shower for 12 months, however, these things are just tiny sacrifices in exchange for the search of beauty and youth, The Verge reported.