Scott Disick’s home was robbed by a thief or a group of thieves, while he was on a vacation in Cannes last week.

The burglars stole expensive watches from his California home. There has been reports that no sign of forced entry was detected.

According to police, they believe the culprit or culprits knew Scott Disick and had access to his residence. Is it possible that Kourtney Kardashian’s ex was robbed by friends?

It was earlier reported that he was among the many celebrities who went to France this month. There were there for partying amid the Cannes Film Festival, says Gossip Cop.

However, there is no information on whether any security footage captured the crime. Where the watches were being stored or what exactly was taken – are still unanswered questions.

The only thing that has been confirmed was that his Hidden Hills home was looted and his famous watch collection was among the loot.

It is know that Scott Disick has publicly boasted about the timepieces he owned. They include a Rolex Yacht-Master II valued at $44,336.

Another watch is of worth $66,505. It is impossible to say at this moment, how many watches were taken.

According to TMZ, law enforcement believes that there were “multiples worth a significant amount of money.”

It is possible that someone got jealous of him, bragging about the watches. Cops are sure that the robbery is an inside job.

Scott is known to welcome lots of people in his home, especially when he throws parties. Police also said that another suspicious aspect was that the hit on home took place just after he got on a plane for France.

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The has not been any public message on the incident from his part. In recent weeks, it was also reported that Blac Chyna was allegedly robbed.

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An amount of $277,104 in cash and jewelry was looted from a safe inside her L.A. home, earlier this month.