In “Scorpion” Season 2 Episode 22, can we expect to see Walter acting on his feelings for Paige, who himself doesn’t believe that love and emotions are real?

While Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gabel) from“Scorpion” season 2 is a super genius in his field of expertise, he fails miserably when it comes to expressing his heart out.  He has been overlooking his strong feelings for Paige (Katharine McPhee) for quite a long time and staying in a denial mode.

The preview released recently of Monday night’s episode 22 of “Scorpion” titled “Hard Knox” shows a number of further insight, as Walter conversing with Toby describing the state of things with the woman he’s just started dating (Linda), and how he wishes that things should work between him and Linda.  As most of his interactions with her so far are more of official than a romantic affair, Toby  suggests that Walter has been more on “field trips” with Linda than dates. To go along with that, he suggests that a certain percentage of her feelings may be more or less because of the rush that she had in the consequences of their high-octane experience earlier this season. Neither party may be thinking all too clearly on the other with this shared experience in mind, says Cartermatt.

At that moment, there is the whole issue of Paige. Toby advocates to Walter that perhaps the developing bonding between Paige and Tim is bothering Walter. And it is stopping him to get involved romantically. Before they could discuss more on it, Paige appears in the scene and he has a “I’ve just seen a ghost” look in his eyes when Sylvester asks him what is wrong.

This sneak peek is on the whole yet one more example of how Walter really should just add his feeling for Paige to his priority list before it gets too late. Otherwise, he may have to end up empty-handed. The longer he waits into the Paige – Tim relationship, the worse of it could be for him, her, and the team. From the previous episodes, it seems thing are not as simple as they seem at least for Walter. Now we really wonder whether or not he is going to get another chance to express himself in front of Paige?

To get a hint of what exactly is coming up next on “Scorpion” season 2, watch the video below:

We believe, directed by Omar Madha and written by Scott Sullivan, the episode 22  is going to be another punch of excitement for the viewers of the running season of “Scorpions.”