A man armed with a pair of scissors was shot dead today for alleged robbery of a florist shop at Sydney’s Central Station. Witnesses say the man was told to drop his weapon before gunshots were heard in the area.

Police were called in for armed robbery after bystanders in the area noticed a florist owner was being assaulted by a scissor-wielding man, reports The Guardian. SBS journalist Andrea Booth also witnessed the incident, saying the scissor-wielding man told police “shoot me” shortly before the officers responded with three gunshots.

A video of the incident also surfaced online, showing the scissor-wielding man rushing out of the flower stall before being shot dead. A total of four bullet shots can be heard in the video.

Witness Sami Aryal said police officers were asking the assailant to put his hands down for about about 10 to 15 seconds before they fired their weapons, reports ABC. “One of the policemen went inside the shop… and as soon as a man was about to run, I saw the man shooting him,” Aryal said said. “People were scared, they were shouting. As soon as the incident happened they asked us to sit over here and they sealed the place.”

Witness Nick Mavros said he heard the police say “put it down, put it down” before the shooting. “That’s when I’ve sort of walked to here and then there was I think it was three or four gun shots and that was pretty much it,” Mavros said.

According to acting assistant commissioner Mark Walton, the assailant bore an Asian appearance. The investigation team is also currently evaluating the incident.

“A critical incident investigation has commenced following the death of a man during a confrontation with police,” Walton said as per ABC. “Incident team from the homicide squad will now investigate all the circumstances surrounding the incident, including the discharge of police firearms during the confrontation with the man,” adds Walton.