Following his gender revelation, an Australian author was banned from a couple of speaking engagements set at a Catholic school in Sydney.

William Kostakis, 26, was scheduled by De La Salle College to speak about his new novel, “The Sidekicks” in  March and June. However after writing his blog post regarding his sexual preference, the school sent him an email expressing their concerns on how the parents would receive his book.

In the email, the school cited Kostakis’ blog post which drew their concern. While they claim to appreciate the story, they also believe that it is not appropriate.

A year ago, Mr Kostakis spoke at the same school to promote his novel, “The First Third” that also featured gay themes. According to reports, the speech was received well and the staff even invited him again to launch his latest book. However, the school changed its tune in the past week.

The Catholic school further emphasized in the email that Mr. Kostakis is still welcome to promote his other novel “The First Third” on March 30, yet will not be allowed to promote his latest literary work. He was also asked to do the similar speech he did last year about becoming an author.

The email was made public by Mr Kostakis, including his reply on his blog,  wherein he wrote that he is standing up for his 16-year old self. He said that his two novels dealt with in a respectful and careful way.

In an interview made by  BuzzFeed News,  he said that he was happy to give up the $460 speaking fee. He also confirmed that he has asked his agent to cancel all his school appearances.

It was during the recent argument over an anti-bullying program which is aimed at supporting LGBTI children, that Mr. Kostakis made a decision to reveal his true sexuality, News reported.