Is there any chance for a Fitz and Olivia reunion? The Scandal Season 6 spoilers are silent on this issue although series boss Shonda Rhimes insisted that “there is a plan.” The showrunner told The Hollywood Reporter that Fitz is not going anywhere.

Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz, even hinted some Scandal Season 6 spoilers as he said that his character might follow the example of former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and start his own foundation. “You really hope it includes Olivia Pope and a little jam,” he said. We’ll hire someone to make jam on weekends in Vermont!”

This was echoed by executive producer Betsy Beers who said that Fitz can do whatever he wants after the White House, maybe even join Olivia Pope and Associates.

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According to the report from Ecumenical News, Fitz has already moved on from Olivia to a “leggy reporter.” Meanwhile, Olivia ran into the arms of Jake and they even made their true feelings known to each other, which further lessened the chance that she would ever go back to Fitz.

On the other hand, Rhimes teased Scandal Season 6 spoilers as she said that the show is gearing up to become uplifting, rather than dwell on the dark theme for the past five seasons.

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And the dark tone has never been more apparent when Olivia got an abortion to the tune of “Silent Night” by Aretha Franklin. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said that fans might notice that in recent episodes, there’s a change in the overall tone of the series even if this might be overshadowed by the fact that “Olivia beats people to deaths with chairs.”

Rhimes said her work on Grey’s Anatomy is also more optimistic. “On Grey’s, there’s definitely a sense of optimism. And on Scandal, we’re heading some place that’s optimistic,” she said.

The release date for Scandal Season 6 has yet to be announced.