Cyrus Beene is arguably one of the most obnoxious characters in Scandal. However, at the show’s season 5 finale, he pushed his limits and proved that he could do so much worse. Will the character meet his end come Scandal season 6?

Without the story’s biggest villain, the show would be less exciting. Hence, it’s highly unlikely that Scandal will kill Cyrus. However, that doesn’t mean that he won’t suffer or face some sort of punishment for the things he did.

True enough, actor Brian Letscher shared clues that point to a revenge for the scheming Cyrus. Letcsher plays Tom who Cyrus so easily dumped at the end of season 5.

An article from Bustle quotes the actor as saying:

“I got dumped at the end of Season 5 by Cyrus, who left me hanging to go be a presidential candidate. Which, that’s fine if he wants to be the Vice President, but I don’t like being dumped. Tom’s a little bitter, deeply betrayed and angry. Angry Tom is a dangerous thing. He’s angry.”

As fans of the series know, crossing a former B6-13 agent is a recipe for doom. No one knows what happens to Cyrus, but given Tom’s work history, it won’t be pretty.

Scandal season 6 could feature the first female POTUS

Aside from clues on Cyrus’ fate, the article from Bustle also relays thoughts on Mellie’s potential to become president. According to the source, both Letscher and actor George Newbern–who plays Charlie–think that Mellie will kill it when she earns the White House.

Newbern even compares Mellie to Hillary Clinton. The actor says that Mellie “would definitely bring a lot of different elements to being president, just like Hillary Clinton would probably bring a lot”.

For now, fans have to wait to learn whether Mellie wins the presidency. However, it’s safe to assume that majority of season 6 will feature more of the intense rivalry between Mellie’s camp and that of Francisco Vargas (Ricardo Chavira).

How will OPA handle Mellie and Jake’s tandem? What lengths will Cyrus go to secure his own win? Only the upcoming season has the answer.

A shorter Scandal season 6 will return on early 2017.