“Scandal” season 5 premieres after its mid-season break last November. The show promises either a “Love Fest or a Lot of Blood,” according to actor Joe Morton. Morton appears on the show as Rowan Pope, Olivia’s father.

In an interview with US Weekly, Morton teased about his character in the much-awaited return of the series.

Morton revealed, “The only thing I can say is that the last thing you saw was Jake and I walk into the house. One can only imagine what can happen after that. It’s either going to be a love fest or a lot of blood.”

Good Morning America welcomed the show’s heavyweight cast to learn more about the other half of Season 5.

1. Wardrobe changes
Actress Kerry Washington commented about the wardrobe changes for her character, Olivia Pope.

Washington revealed, “One of the ways I’ve distinguished between Kerry and Olivia is I wear a lot of bright colours and she doesn’t, so it’s been confusing,” Washington announced. “But I feel like we’re finding our way.”

Hence, viewers are likely to see Olivia in fashions that are more colourful this time around.

2. Olivia and Mellie working together?
Washington also hinted at a possible collaboration between her character and Mellie played by actor Bellamy Young.

After Fitz kicked her out of the executive house, getting help from her ex-husband is unlikely as Mellie eyes the Oval Office.

Washington teased, “She might get help other places. Who knows?”

3. Major change for Abby
Fans of Abby Whelan, played by actor Darby Stanchfield, are told to expect a major change. Stanchfield revealed on GMA, “There is a major change. Capital M-A-J-O-R.”

4. A better Huck
Huck, played by actor Guillermo Diaz also experiences a change. Diaz noted, “I think that was a major step forward. I look at it, he’s getting stronger.” He refers to what happened last when he had Papa Pope but refrained from torturing him.

Diaz added, “He’s getting better. Huck, I think, is trying to be that normal guy. He’s trying really, really hard.”

5. “Olake” romance
Meanwhile, actor Scott Foley spoke with E News to reassure fans of “Olake” about their passionate reunion. Earlier reports hinted at their rekindled romance given the “Olitz” breakup.

“It’s going to be good. It’s going to be really, really good.” Foley added, “I’m really enjoying the intricacies of their relationship now as an actor. It’s a totally different relationship with Olivia than it has ever been before.”