“Scandal” concludes Season 5 with the episode titled “That’s My Girl.” Fans can catch the finale on Thursday, May 12 at 9 p.m. on ABC. For those unable to make it to their TV sets, live stream viewing is also available at abc.go.com/watch-live. Get ready for the finale with these seven spoilers in mind.

1. The official synopsis for episode 21 revealed that it would focus on the election as the candidates finally nominate their running mates. However, the situation could place Olivia Pope in a terrifying position, Movie News Guide cited the synopsis posted on Buddy TV.

2. Movie News Guide also surmised the end of her relationship with Fitz due to their numerous fights in “Scandal” Season 5. AJC cited Fitz’s romantic relationships after his divorce from Mellie became official. He went public with his relationship with Olivia but they broke up after her abortion.

Afterwards, he hooked up briefly with journalist Lilian Forrester. He went on to have a series of sexual relationships until Olivia pointed out the likely harm it would bring to his children and career.

3. Olivia teamed up with Abby to defeat Hollis in episode 20 of “Scandal” Season 5. However, AJC revealed Abby’s plan to sabotage Mellie’s campaign. The publication wrote that she would expose Mellie’s affair with Andrew to the press.

4. The “That’s My Girl” teaser also revealed that Cyrus has information that could potentially alter the election, MStars News wrote. Moreover, he’s not afraid to take a chance and use it, the publication noted.

5. Jake is also featured in the finale but could end up with “a major jaw-dropping revelation,” Movie News Guide described. AJC recalled Jake’s marriage this season to Vanessa Moss to boost his image and secure the vice presidential nomination under Edison Davis, Olivia’s ex-boyfriend. However, he now wants Olivia to save him?

6. Mellie Grant or Frankie Vargas could become the next president after Mellie’s collaboration with Olivia helped her secure the republican nomination. Actress Bellamy Young told Access Hollywood that Mellie would be a great president because she’s decisive unlike Fitz who’s been “wishy-washy, broody, and mopey.” Despite her amazing mistakes, Mellie always picks herself up and moves forward. The actress might have also hinted about Mellie’s relationship with Marcus.

7. David Rosen gets dumped again. Susan Ross broke up with him after learning there’s another woman in his life, although she doesn’t know it’s Elizabeth, her chief of staff. Though they reunited and got engaged for a short time, she broke up with him again after she found out what he did to help her secure Florida for the primary.