Fans of Olivia Pope and “Scandal” season 5 are surprised to get the sudden splash of colors. Intrigued? Don’t be! Olivia and her signature wardrobe style of black, white and neutral hues have gone an unexpected makeover. These colors have been her closet’s staple for the past five years. Post her returning from the mid-season finale this past February, Miss Pope is spotted appearing in scenes in vibrant shades of reds, oranges and yellows. In the first episode on greeting her father, Rowan queries, “What’s with the clothes?” Are you also wondering about such bold transformation in Pope’s wardrobe, and then here you might get the answers.

Pope is now free from her loyalty to Fitz. Without being emotionally driven she has the liberty to decide what is best for her, her team, and her clients. Talking about Pope’s latest color rich wardrobe, Lyn Paolo, Scandal costume designer stated to  Entertainment Weekly , “She’s always been powerful, and she’s always been able to express her power in very subtle ways … and when they see these bright colors people should know: this is a new human. She is even more driven, even more determined, and she is going to do whatever it takes for Olivia Pope to survive.”

Nevertheless, Paolo couldn’t divulge enough about what one can expect in rest of the season, but she also added, “I just want our Gladiators to know that Olivia is blossoming. They should keep watching to see that. It’s amazing. The rest of this season is so crazy; I don’t even know where to start.”

Until recently fans were used to see Pope in tints of cream, white or black attires and the season 5 has come as a sudden makeover of her closet and her bolder wardrobe is the most evident sign of that shift. It has left the audience with mixed feelings. While in a way they are sad to see her signature style bidding farewell and on the other they are hopeful of some new direction, if nothing else, in fashion at least.