Thursday’s “Scandal” ended with Olivia (Kerry Washington) leaving Jake (Scott Foley) and coming to Rowan’s (Joe Morton) for dinner. She finds out that Jake and his recent girlfriend, Vanessa (Joelle Carter) are toasting their engagement.

Is this engagement really taking place? Or is it being conjured up by Jake and Rowan?

In an interview, Foley answers fiery questions about regarding Scandal’s recent developments.

While talking about the engagement celebration, Foley said that Jake might be engaged because of all the events or celebrations he is going through. Jake is telling Liv and Rowan about it.

Jake might have found the right woman, says Foley.

Foley, on the other hand, also mentions that the whole thing might be a con where Olivia is being made to believe what she saw. He said that there are indications where Jake lands up in Olivia’s bedroom and talks about some other perfect girl.

Revenge can be a cause. According to Foley, Jake might have got engaged to Vanessa to get back at Liv.  However, Foley assumes that there must be a bigger story behind Jake’s engagement and it is not just because Liv “kicked him out.”

Foley also talked about Jake’s present character which is gruesome, ruthless and quite contrary to what it was, says TV Guide.

“I think we can assume there’s two roads. Either they’re both on the straight and narrow or there’s a plan happening,” he said.

“Right now, there doesn’t seem like there’s a plan aside from Jake being the head of the NSA.”

When asked about how Rowan perceives Jake and Olivia’s relationship, Foley referred to Star Wars while laughing. He said that it is like a Leia Skywalker situation.

As reported by NY Daily News, he believes that Jake looks at Rowan (who is like Darth Vader) as the father figure but never looks at Olivia as his sister. Same goes for Olivia.

While discussing about Jake, Olivia and Vanessa going forward, Foley answers that Vanessa will have “questions and concerns” related to the relationship between Jake and Olivia. But that is only if she gets to know who Olivia really is.

Foley also states that he believes Jake’s actions aren’t related to business but are absolutely personal. Jake’s motives with Vanessa are also a matter of concern between Olivia and himself, says Foley.

Scandal is a TV series about a retired White House communications director who starts his own crisis management company, says IMDB.