There are various different ways you can save money when you are vacationing in Australia. Remember Australia is a vast and picturesque country. So if you are vacationing there for just a week or two then do your homework to handpick a few best spots. It is practically impossible to witness significant portions of this majestic land in short time.

Airfares – Airfares are one of the biggest concerns of vacationers. Start planning your trip by hunting for the cheapest flight. Look for round trip tickets because they are cheaper than one-way tickets. There are always good deals on offer when the tourist season is not at its peak especially during spring and fall.

Select a few good destinations – Australia is a vast country and this is why you will not be able to cover everything during your short stay. Pick two or three regions and explore those areas thoroughly.

Go on a cruise- You can explore the picture perfect Australian coastline in a cruise for $100 per day per person. This amount includes accommodation, food etc.

Air pass- For commuting within Australia you can buy Qantas air pass. You can avail of round trip flights at cheaper rates.

Avail freebies- There are lots of museums, parks and exhibitions which offer free entry on special occasions or on specific days. You can see a lot of interesting stuff if you get a free pass.

Get a discount card- Major cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania offer options to buy discount cards and get access to multiple places with a single card. So if you want to do a lot of sightseeing, an iVenture card is an excellent option.

Gambling close to home – There are dozens of high quality casinos in Australia and if you happen to be in a city where one is located you should pay visit  to get a taste of the excitement. Set yourself a strict budget and don’t go over that. If you are not near any casinos but still want a bit of gaming excitement, then playing online pokies at, a top online casino that caters to the Australian market, is a great way to save travel money.

Book your hotels and transfers beforehand- Exchange rates are constantly changing and therefore it is better to book your hotels beforehand, preferably from your own country. If the exchange rates rise, you will not feel the pinch.

Do not use the exchange counter to change money- Use ATM or your credit card to exchange money. The rates offered by interbank services are better than exchange bureaus.  Credits cards are accepted everywhere from towns and villages, stores and restaurants. 

Haggle before buying –Australia has several open air markets where you can pick up decent stuff at bargain prices and where haggling is allowed.

Get a refund- If you buy $300 worth of goods from a single retailer you will get a service tax refund. You ought to retain the original tax invoice so that it can be reimbursed when you exit the country.

Find cheap restaurants– There are healthy decent restaurants in Australia where you can buy cheap food. You can cook your meals if you stay at a hotel which has a kitchenette. Road side eateries are also good. Do not over-tip. Usually 10 to 15 percent on the bill is the norm.

Staying – You are visiting Australia with a bunch of friends you can stay at B&B hostels, home stays etc. It would be wise to book a vacation rental if you are traveling with family. There’s always the opportunity to enjoy camping at well organized campgrounds, rent RVs and visit caravan parks.