Saudi women were targeted in the story, titled “Saudi Arabia: Panel of Scientists Admits Women Are Mammals, Yet Not Human.” The story was quickly spread and became a hot topic in social media, prompting users to openly express their shock and disgust over the news. The whole story is entirely a hoax.

The article stated that a panel of scientists from Saudi Arabia has made a final conclusion in an unprecedented ruling that Saudi women are actually born mammals. It further explained that the women are granted the similar rights as the other mammal species like the dromedaries, camels or even goats.

Women from Saudi are often the victims of hoax news websites. Most often than not, these deceiving news stories are perceived as true by some people. This could probably be attributed to several examples of far-fetched stories that are actually coming from the kingdom itself that are, in reality, true.

With that said, it is no longer surprising when a story was featured on a news website that highlights headlines like the “Hot Islamic State Soldier Quits Jihad for Modelling Career” was perceived as real.

“Like as if the story was very common, the social media users did not even try to verify first the authenticity of the story before sharing it out of outrage. They could have made a quick browse of the website’s headlines or other legit sites featuring tough women from Saudi who are privately practicing sports in the Kingdom,” Alarabiya reported.

Saudi women’s image has been distorted in other parts of the globe and fake stories like this add up to the wrong perceptions about them. To counter this type of branding and stereotyping, Mona Al Munajjed, a sociologist from Saudi wrote a coffee-table book that profile successful women from Saudi, Gulf News reported.