Bernie Sanders apparently questioned the integrity of Hillary Clinton as he slammed the former US secretary of state for accepting a huge contribution from the Wall Street.

Sanders said, unlike Clinton, he did not take money from big banks. When asked about the difference between his approach about banks and Clinton’s, he said he did not get “personal speaking fees from Goldman Sachs.” Sanders called for unity against “a handful of billionaires who control” the United States of America.

According to Sanders, he will break up big banks as those have “too much” economic and financial power over the US economy. He criticised the Wall Street for contributing millions on election campaigns. He said he had “doubts” about people receiving huge money from the Wall Street and then claiming to reform it.

“I’m very proud I do not have a Super PAC; I do not want Wall Street’s money; I rely on the middle class and working families,” Sanders said as he questioned the integrity of anyone taking huge money from the Wall Street. According to Open Secrets, Clinton’s top contributors include Citigroup Inc (US$824,402/ $1,191,788), Goldman Sachs (US$760,740/$1,099,756), DLA Piper (US$700,530/$1,012,714) and JPMorgan Chase & Co (US$696,456/$1,006,824).

Clinton talked at the final Democratic presidential debate about creating more “good job” and saving thousands of dollars of student debts. “Making community college free, making it possible to attend a public college or university with debt-free tuitions,” Clinton said.

She also talked about looking for ways to protect rights: voting rights, women rights, gay rights and so on. Clinton said she was aware how much young people valued their independence.

While she laid out plans for the youth of the country, she was reminded that she was less popular among the youth than her colleague Bernie Sanders.


Clinton, on the other hand, acknowledged the existence of racism in the United States as she said there was discrimination against black people in the country. “Very often the black men are arrested, convicted and incarcerated for offences that do not lead to the same results for white men,” the former US First Lady said.

Sanders also talked about Donald Trump’s “racist” rhetoric against Latin Americans and Muslims. He said everyone should denounce it.