Bernie Sanders, fresh from beating Hillary Clinton in three US states over the weekend, has said that the “momentum” is with his campaign.

The Vermont senator won in Washington, Hawaii and Alaska over the weekend. The series of win changes the political scenario a lot for the Democrat.

He was reminded that, in 2008, Clinton had talked about how “pivotal” white voters were. He was told that he was doing quite well in that regard this year.

Sanders was quick to note that every vote was pivotal. He said that his campaign had been doing quite well among Latino voters, African-American voters and young voters in the country.

While he believes he is on the path of victory, he was reminded that he would require landslide wins to beat Clinton in the race of the Democratic nomination.

“We won the last five out of six contests; all of them were landslide victories,” Sanders told CNN. The 74-year-old politician said, while many super delegates had pitched for Clinton, they should soon realise that the Sanders campaign was more likely to beat Donald Trump in the final battle to the White House.

“A lot of these super-delegates may rethink their position with Secretary Clinton,” he said.

When he was asked if he would support Clinton in case she managed to win the Democratic nomination, Sanders said there was no point in talking about what would happen if he lost. He said he was there to win it against the former secretary of state.

The Christian Science Monitor wonders if the rise of Sanders and Trump means American politics is entering a new era.

The 2016 US presidential elections have surprised many so far. Two so-called outsiders have managed to win against seasoned campaigners. When the campaign started, there were very few people who though Trump and Sanders would such prominent figures during the elections.