Bernie Sanders continues to be the Democratic dark horse.

The latest WMUR/CNN New Hampshire Primary Poll results are out. Sanders has come out to be a clear favorite among most Democratic voters.

If the Democratic Primary were held today in New Hampshire, 60 percent would vote for Sanders. Clinton, meanwhile, has 33 percent of the voters.

Sanders is popular in almost all demographic groups. People under 35 are his strongest supporters (81 percent). Seventy-six percent first-time voters have faith in him. Clinton gets most of her support from people who are 50 or older (41 percent).

This must be a dream-run by the 74-year-old. His “political revolution” is clearly winning hearts. The margin of error (+/-4.8 percent) of the poll does not seem to matter for Sanders. Among likely Democratic voters, 91 percent view him favorably. Only seven percent view Sanders unfavorably.

Sanders’ net favorability rating is +84 percent. It was +34 percent in February 2015.

Clinton’s journey has been quite the opposite. She had +74 percent in February. Clinton’s net favorability came down to +44 percent in September. The most recent figures show it at +39 percent.

The poll results show Democratic voters find jobs as the most important issue. Other important issues include national security, foreign policy and health care.

According to the poll, Democratic voters consider Clinton as “least honest.” However, they believe she is more capable of handling ISIS.

Sanders has consistently criticized Clinton for her decision to approve the US invasion of Iraq in 2002.

“On the crucial foreign policy issue of our time, it turns out that Secretary Clinton – with all of her experience – was wrong and I was right,” The Guardian quoted Sanders as saying. “There is a difference between experience and judgement. Not only did I vote against the war in Iraq, I helped lead the opposition to that war.”

Find the details of the poll results HERE.