Toddler Sanaya Sahib’s family members are under great fear following “malicious attacks” from the public and have been receiving death threats soon after the Sanaya Sahib murder.

According to, police have issued a warning to the public not to threaten Sahib’s relatives and family members. The officers claimed that the Melbourne public has assumed that even the relatives of the toddler were involved in the murder along with her mother. They have targeted Sahib’s family, a senior police officer said.

North West Divisional Commander Superintendent Tim Hansen wrote a letter to The Age where he specified how the family had been targeted by the public and had been attacked at home with negative comments and death threats. In addition to this, they have also been chased in public as well as harassed online for their assumed involvement in the toddler’s murder.  “Sanaya’s relatives and the extended families have had to deal with this difficult news while struggling with the loss of their baby girl, daughter, niece, granddaughter and loved one,” Hansen wrote.

“Not only have they been facing these tragic circumstances, they have been the victims of malicious attacks in their own community.”

In the letter, the superintendent claimed that there were no evidence to prove the involvement of the family in the murder. Instead, they have always cooperated with police in finding out the truth. He added that it was unjustified to abuse a family based on an assumption.

“I remind people that Victoria Police does not tolerate violence, physical or verbal abuse and will prosecute those responsible for such conduct,” he warned the public through the letter.

The dead body of the 14-month-old infant was recovered from Darebin Creek in Heidelberg West in early April. After the discovery of the murder, police gathered CCTV footage where the infant’s mother showed her carrying a pram with the toddler sitting inside while entering the park then showed that the baby was missing from the pram when she left the park. Police arrested Sofina Nikat, 22, on suspicion over the murder.

After the arrest, Nikat blamed a man of African origin to have kidnapped her daughter in Olympic Park and murdered her later on. But on the same day, she made a “full confession” of the Sanaya Sahib murder to the officers and declared that she killed her daughter.