Sofina Nikat, the mother of Sanaya Sahib, blamed an African black man of abducting and murdering her daughter, thereby defending herself using a racist tactic.

Police arrested Nikat, 22, on Tuesday morning on suspicion of her involvement in the murder of her daughter. During the interrogation, she took advantage of the racial discrimination angle and blamed a black man of kidnapping her daughter and killing her. Police confirmed that she told her family and officials that an African black male was responsible for the crime but on Tuesday night, Nikat confessed her crime and admitted killing her daughter in the Olympic Park in Heidelberg West on Saturday.

It was not the first time that a criminal used the name of a black person to hide his or her misdeeds. Nikat framed a story and provided the authorities the complete description of that African black man. She said that the man was between 20 years and 30 years in age and he was almost 1.8 metres tall. He smelled of alcohol when he pushed her back and took away her toddler from the pram on Saturday, she added. Police recovered the toddler’s body from the Darebin Creek on Sunday.

CCTV footage recovered by the authorities has however shown that a woman pushed an infant to the park in the pram and returned with the pram empty. According to Nikat, the black male wore shabby clothes and was barefoot, which was the most common description of a black man used by criminals to defend themselves as claimed by author Zachery Williams in his book, “Africana Cultures and Policy Studies.” reported that Williams said that people are well aware of the negative stereotypes and disbeliefs followed in the nation when it came to racist groups. This is what criminals commonly use as their defense to play the blame game and held black people responsible for the crimes they commit. “… Black men, whether incarcerated or free, innocent or guilty, must carry the stigma of ‘suspects’,” he wrote in his book. “Other members of society know the stereotyped profile of the black male and use it to their advantage.”

According to The Age, the Sahib family has confirmed to give the public a chance to bid a last goodbye to their precious Sanaya Sahib. The funeral will be held on Saturday at Bunurong Memorial Park in Dandenong South at 11:15 a.m.