Sameer Sahib, the father of 15-month-old Sanaya Sahib whose body was discovered in a Melbourne creek, said he is devastated by the news of his little girl’s death. He also revealed that his calls to the toddler’s mother, Sofina Nikat, were blocked for six months. She suddenly called recently and asked him to meet Sanaya four days before she was found dead.

“She just said it’s been a long time, come see her,” he told the Herald Sun. He added that he hasn’t been able to eat or sleep since he heard the news of Nikat’s arrest over the death of their daughter.

“I just feel sick in my stomach,” the Yahoo 7 News quoted him as saying.

Nikat was arrested and charged with her daughter’s murder on Tuesday. She also made “full confessions” to the police in an out-of-hours court hearing in Melbourne West. She is expected to appear before the court again on Wednesday.

Following her arrest, the police released a CCTV footage of a woman pushing a baby in a pram towards Darebin Creek, the place where Sanaya’s body was found. The video clip showed her returning with an empty pram a while later.

The Mail Online reported that Sanaya’s father is now preparing for her funeral.

Nikat previously told police that Sanaya was snatched from her by a black man at the Olympic Park on Saturday when she took her for a walk. She also claimed that she returned home where she was living with her daughter and brother to alert the police.

Sanaya’s body was discovered in the creek on Sunday and that she was smothered to death. The toddler’s uncle, Habib Ali, said that just a week before her death, she was treated by an ambulance for seizure.

“I don’t know what’s more horrifying, the mother doing it or a stranger,” a neighbour, Alex Salonikidis said as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald. “It’s just sad.”