Following actor Samuel Johnson’s decision to quit acting to devote his time to raising $10 million for cancer research, his sister has slammed his decision.

“Giving up acting Samuel? At 38 years of age? Bit soon wouldn’t you say? All power to you but don’t go cutting off your nose to spite your face dear brother. LYS needs you full time, I won’t lie, but I need a Sam with a full belly because I know hangry doesn’t suit you,” Connie, who is terminally ill with cancer, wrote in a post on the ‘Love Your Sister’ Facebook page.

Johnson, known for playing music entrepreneur Molly Meldrum in the TV series “Molly,” had established the ‘Love Your Sister’ charity after his sister Connie Johnson was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I cannot play pretend on telly while our families are falling,” Johnson had originally posted on his ‘Love Your Sister’ page.

“Were you drunk? There’s no rule against you talking to me before you make such a big decision. You and your tanties, you should’ve grown out of them by now silly,” Connie said.

She also criticised his swearing in his original post. “We have worked hard to build a platform from which we can speak and be heard. Do you really want to put people off by being crass and, frankly, lazy? Just because swearing is everywhere doesn’t mean you have to say yes to it,” Connie scolded her brother.

She pointed out to him that using foul language, for a noble cause, could actually lead to diluting the impact of the message that needs to be spread. “You might think it gives you street cred but have you thought that it might actually be diluting our message?” She added that “we need to attract corporate support to help us win the war against cancer – that’s all that matters here.”

Connie also posted a photo of herself with soap in her hand. “Wash out your mouth with soap young man and get on with the job.” However, she added “I’m so proud of you and so touched that you would make such a personal sacrifice for me and all the other Aussie’s like me. You really are an ok bloke. I’ll keep you for a bit longer. XXConnie,” she signed off.

Johnson responded to her post saying “Gotta pay that Con, as hard as it is to admit! As you know, my emotions override my brain sometimes, but I promise I will tone down the potty. I’m not acting until we hit 10M though. Gotta stand by that one. Go to bed, it’s late. Xsambo.”

Johnson has so far raised $2.3 million for cancer research with his Canberra-based sister Connie, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. He promised to raise $10 million for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. He has vowed not to return to acting until that amount has been raised.