Just days back Google announced that it was jumping head first into the world of virtual reality, when at the I/O keynote the company introduced the Daydream, which is a VR platform.

According to report on The Verge, Daydream is an upgraded successor of sorts to the Cardboard and is based on Android N. The offering includes both the hardware as well as the software and will be compatible with next generation of Android smartphones with the Android N OS.

Reportedly, the VR headset will be compatible with smartphones coming out of the stables of HTC, Huawei, Samsung, LG, Asus, ZTE, Xiaomi and Alcatel. The offering will be heavily dependent on the next-generation features on the smartphones. So, as opposed to its predecessor Cardboard which was compatible with any other smartphone out there, Daydream will depend on new-gen phones with the required specifications.

The company went ahead and shared “a reference design for the headset and remote” on the stage during the keynote. This will give developers the liberty to dive into creating the VR products along with motion sensing. What’s more? Well, the next-gen devices equipped with the right components will deliver VR versions of Apps. These would include YouTube, Google Play and Movies amongst others.

For compatible devices, Google is hard at work on a new feature dubbed as the Android VR Mode into its latest OS. What will this do? For starters, there will be a number of optimisations for better performance on the apps. What’s really impressive is that users will be able to navigate through a Daydream home screen to see the different apps available along with the content, when employing the VR Headset.

Keep coming back for more updates on the new VR headset from Google ad check back for when the offering will be making its way out.