Smartwatches has become one of the essential commodities for our day-to-day life, like smartphones. Watches with fitness trackers have become a trend in the market and for fitness fanatics, it is one of must have devices on their list. Watches with fitness tracker instantly remind us about Fitbit; so, we have decided compare Fitbit Flex to pit against with Samsung Gear Fit, another leading fitness wearable.


Samsung Gear Fit has premium design elements that get our attention immediately. This is due to its Super AMOLED display, however, the device is marginally wider than the Fitbit Flex.

On the other hand, Fitbit Flex offers colourful bands although Gear Fit also offers colourful bands, but Fitbit offers much more variety of bands. It is important to note that both have fashionable looks.

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In addition, both devices is water-resistant but Fitbit offers more protection than Gear Fit. Samsung Gear Fit provides protection up to 3 feet under water for 30 minutes, but Fitbit Flex has a deeper protection of 10 meters, notes Phonearena.


Samsung Gear Fit sports 1.84-inch display and offers 432 x 128 Super AMOLED curved display, while, Fitbit Flex offers 5-LED indicator lights. Samsung’s device has touchscreen functionality that allows us to interact with the device. It also shows notifications, messages, and emails. On the contrary, Fitbit Flex lacks this functionality. It just indicates our progress.


Samsung’s wearable offers features which are in a smartwatch. It packs with heart rate sensor, notifications and media controls. In this category, the wearable certainly surpasses Fitbit flex.

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TechRadar cited that Fitbit is compatible with all devices mainly, Android and iOS handsets. But, Samsung’s device supports select Samsung Galaxy smartphones.


When it comes to longer battery life, Fitbit Flex stays for 5 to 6 days in fully charged condition. Samsung Gear Fit can manage to stay for 2 to 3 days as it packs with a large touchscreen.