Samsung’s innovation in displays has always garnered a lot of accolades and looks like the Korean tech giant is going to enthrall its fans once again. It is public knowledge that the company has been working on a foldable display for a long time now.

Reports about the display in question began to appear in 2013 and now it turns out that the offering could be launched sooner rather than later. There is no denying that earlier reports seem to have been contradicting over which Samsung lineup will feature the highly anticipated foldable display. According to the report on Digital Trends, the company will be releasing not one but two variants of the foldable phones. What’s more? This could happen as early as next year.

According to sources who have shared details with Bloomberg, Samsung loyalists could witness the release sometime in early 2017 with suggestions hinting at a launch during the Mobile World Congress. Rumors are rife that Samsung is gearing up to introduce a total of five devices next year. These devices include the flagships Samsung Galaxy S8, the S8 Edge and the Note 7 Series including Note 7 Edge, and Samsung Galaxy X. Naturally, a new series is bound to pique everyone’s interest and it is believed that the Galaxy X bears the codename Project Valley.  The lineup will naturally be focusing on devices with foldable screens.

While this does sound exciting, the Galaxy S8 and Note 7 series will also be boasting off some interesting specs. These series will reportedly be equipped with a Super AMOLED screen bearing a 2.5K resolution, coupled with “RGB subpixel arrangement.”

The foldable display concept was introduced to the world by Samsung back in 2013 at CES and the following year, the company even showed the first prototype. Looks like 2017 is going to deliver some epic tech developments in the smartphone space.

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