Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, the Windows 10 2 in-a tablet from Samsung, has been out in the US market some weeks ago for the price of $899.99, but will soon be available at and the Microsoft stores starting April 4.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S will be sold in Puerto Rico, the United States and  Canada, and might be offered through the Samsung website some day. Also, Microsoft VP for OEM Technical Sales Chris Cocks wrote in a blog post that this 12-inch device is developed for entertainment and productivity.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, according to The Verge, comes in a portable and sleek design, which is a lot more like the design features of the Android handsets from the Samsung Galaxy series. However, the greatest feature of this device is its size – only 0.25 inches of 0.63 cm- thinner compared to both iPad Pro and Surface Pro.

In addition, this Samsung device also includes a keyboard with tightly packed keys that make it feels natural when used, without the usual loud, typing noise. But while the track pad supports the multi-finger gestures of Windows 10, it has no backlight keys like those found on the Surface Pro keyboard.

Another appealing feature from the device is the bright display, suitable for its 12-inch Super AMOLED display, which CNET described as stunning with its a 1.440 x 2,160 pixel resolution and 3:2 aspect ratio. However, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S falls short in the aspect of memory, with its 4GB of RAM, often losing its memory, hence, forcing the Chrome tabs to recurrently have to refresh.

It also has one USB Type-C Port but no specialized Tab Pro S pen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S seems like to offer a tough competition to the iPad Pro and Surface Pro, given its stunning display and productivity machine that runs a whole desktop operating system.