Last week, Samsung launched a new 5.5-inch display in San Francisco at the Display Week conference. A report says it is a VR-ready display that supports 4K resolution. It is also said that Samsung will include this feature in its Galaxy S8 smartphone.

The new 5.5-inch screen carries Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and provides a pixel density of 806 ppi. The pixel density of the display is 44.7 percent higher than the displays, which are offered by the most of the current-generation smartphones, notes Upload VR.

However, the publication also noted that the display is running at a lower frame rate , although the display looks bright. It appears that the South Korean company showcased the prototype model for its next-generation smartphones.

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Fans are expecting a UHD display resolution in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 smartphone, but rumors are pointing towards the non-inclusion of the newly introduced VR-ready display from Samsung in the device, as it was rumored to incorporate a 5.8-inch display.

Thus, reports are claiming that the Galaxy S8 will have the new VR-ready display.

Meanwhile, at the Display Week conference, Samsung introduced its “Bio Blue” technology, which has been described as having the ability to reduce the harmful blue light on AMOLED display to 6 percent from 32 percent. Through this, it will enable users to see the display for longer hours and it would not strain their eyes, as per IBTimes.

The company also unveiled its Lightfield Display. A sense of depth can be experienced with a crisp resolution while viewing an image on a mobile device.

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Back in 2015, a similar UHD display was released by Sony. It was incorporated in the Xperia Z5 Premium smartphone, which offers a 5.5-inch display and gives a pixel count of 806 ppi. Currently, it is the only smartphone in the market that is available to offer a UHD display.