Samsung has just released the Galaxy S7. But users are already anticipating the release of Samsung Galaxy S8. The phone series will be launched soon. But will it really be a foldable smartphone? Will Samsung really attempt to bring back foldable phones?

According to the International Business Times, the Galaxy S8 will not be foldable. But rumours still suggest that the South Korean tech giant will launch a handset that users can fold “like a wallet” sometime next year.

The Samsung Galaxy S8, meanwhile, will be launched in 2017. Also slated for release next year are several flagships like the Galaxy S8 Edge, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Note 7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy X. Galaxy X is rumoured to be the foldable smartphone Samsung is currently developing.

Why would the mobile suddenly shift back to the old foldable phone trend? Yahoo! Tech just might have the answer. Big phablets (or phone tablets) are all the rage now. But a foldable phone might be more convenient to carry around. “It’ll be much easier to carry a phone that folds in half when you’re not using it,” the tech blog pointed out.

It has long been rumoured that Samsung will come up with a foldable smartphone soon. The company has previously spent years acquiring patents related to foldable technology. IBTimes speculates that the Galaxy X will have a 4K display and a diamond PenTile sub-pixel arrangement. Samsung isn’t going stingy with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 7 either. Both phones will reportedly have an RGB sub-pixel arrangement and a 2.5K resolution on a Super AMOLED display.

Meanwhile, Samsung is reportedly set to release two variants of the Note 6 in August. According to IBTimes, one will have a “curved edge display.” The other will have a “flat display.” Both versions are rumoured to be released before Apple launches the next iPhone.