One of the many handsets that the tech aficionados are eagerly awaiting for is the Samsung Galaxy S7. They have more reasons now that the rumored processor onboard has achieved off-the-roof score in a Benchmark test.

As reported by Tech Times citing “source from China,” the Exynos 8890 processor expected to come embedded in the Galaxy S7 has the AnTuTu score that “blows out of water all the scores of other chipsets.”

The handset boasting the latest Exynos chip achieved the score of 103,692 in a benchmark test. This number is quite up there given the fact that the most recent processor from Huawei – the Kirin 950, scored 65,000.

While there is no way to confirm the leak, the information will surely make fans more certain of waiting for the device to be unleashed. The smartphone is also speculated to arrive with a BRITECELL camera, which according to the Korean tech giant would make it easy to click better images in low-light conditions, amongst other advantages.

Furthermore, the micro SD card slot could be making a comeback on this falgship, since the company had received a flak from fans for leaving it off its recent handsets. The device is also predicted to come with a larger display when compared to its predecessors. Now that would be one thing which will be quite interesting to see, and also how it is received by the brand loyalists.

But the question remains, when will the curtains be lifted off the Galaxy S7? As per reports on Tech Radar, the device is gearing up to be unveiled early in the year 2016. If rumors are to be belived, this time around Samsung won’t be launching the handset at the Mobile World Congress in the month of March. Instead the smartphone may make an appearance on the scene as early as January or February 2016. Most reports hint at a January 19 release, since apparently the company wants to get the upper-hand amongst the competition by launching the flagship much earlier in the year.