Samsung started off the year by rolling out two new phones. Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge were released on March 11th. But does the South Korean tech giant have another version of this phone up their sleeves? Will another Galaxy S7 really be launched soon?

Phone Arena seems to think so. The tech blog speculates that the newest member of the Galaxy S7 would either be a Mini or a Sport. But fans speculates that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is a more likely candidate. “There’s been a good amount of evidence pointing to that…phone recently,” Phone Arena reported. “From Samsung itself admitting the model’s existence, to leaked pics of actual hardware.”

In a separate report, Phone Arena said photos of the Galaxy S7 Active were recently leaked out of Vietnam. The phones in the leaked photos are reportedly being built for AT&T. Or at least, that’s what it seems like. The device had a camouflage back panel. It also featured rubber bumper protection for the phone’s sides. The phone shown in the photo is “bulkier than the regular model.” Could the photo really be that of the next Galaxy S7? Samsung has yet to confirm if the photo is legit. But the tech blog assumes the photo is real since the company “has significant manufacturing operations in the country.”

Meanwhile, the mobile company is reportedly gearing up for the launch of Galaxy Note 6 in August. It was previously reported that one will have a “curved edge display.” The other will have a “flat display.” Both versions are rumoured to be released before Apple launches the next iPhone.

However, it must be noted that the information above has yet to be confirmed. Most of these details are mere speculation as of press time. Stay tuned for updates.