Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus started several months ago much earlier before fans witnessed the launch of the Galaxy S7 lineup at the Mobile World Congress 2016.

Since the Korean tech giant surprised fans last year by delivering the S6 Edge and the S6 Edge Plus, many began to expect that the company may introduce a phablet sized Plus variant this year as well. And a tweet from popular leakster Evan Blass suggesting that the Galaxy S7 Edge Plus may probably be arriving along with other variants in the Galaxy S7 series, further strengthening the speculations.

However, as the launch of the Galaxy S7 lineup began to inch closer, another post from Blass made it clear that Samsung may indeed just be unveiling two models and following predictions and leaks only made the picture more clear.

And on February 21 at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung delivered the much-awaited Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 devices. As expected, the Plus model was no where in sight.  And, the Galaxy S7 Edge increased to a 5.5-inch screen from a 5.1-inch display. Last year, the S6 Edge Plus boasted of a 5.7-inch chassis, which isn’t much bigger than the current Galaxy S7 Edge model.

As noted by Digital Trends, if Samsung keeps up with last year then the upcoming Note 5 and the Plus model would possess the same screen size. The S7 Edge Plus then would most likely sport a 5.8 display as is speculated of the upcoming Note device. But once again, there wouldn’t be much of a difference between the S7 Edge and the S7 Edge Plus device. But it cannot be said with absolute certainty that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus may not make an appearance at all this year. Samsung may probably be looking at even a bigger phablet device, a 6-incher to cater to fans who prefer larger screens. It’s a wait and watch game now, so keep an eye out for any information on this front and check back for more updates.