Rumors and leaks about Samsung’s upcoming high-end line of phones–predicted to be the Galaxy S7–have been swirling around for months now.

Although most of the information still have unverified credibility, it can be gathered that the next generation of Samsung smartphones has a promising set of specifications. However, recent reports suggest that a key feature of the Galaxy S7 line may disappoint fans expecting something new from its design.

Tech Times reports that Samsung fans who loved the design of the Galaxy S6 line will love the Galaxy S7 because the company is planning to retain the same design. However, this news will be disappointing for those fans expecting to see something new of the upcoming flagship devices.

According to the website, the company is not planning to alter the aesthetic feature of the Galaxy S7 because its focus is on improving other functional features of the device like the camera. Also, Tech Times points out that if Samsung retains the look of the S6 to its production of the S7, it will allow the company to lower costs in production and therefore make the S7 line cheaper.

Meanwhile, although the aspect on price reduction will be good news for those looking forward to get their hands on the S7, the decision to hold change on the physical aspect of the device may have a disadvantage for Samsung.

In an analysis by Forbes, the Galaxy S7 may be very fast and bright but maintaining the S6 design language may position it as an impractical addition to Samsung’s line of devices. The website further discusses that Samsung may be behind Apple again because leaks on the iPhone 7 promise big changes on its design.

Notably, another report by Forbes reveals major changes planned for the iPhone 7. The list include ditching the Lightning port, incorporating a multi-touch 3D touch, and dual rear cameras. To get the complete list, you can visit Forbes’ article here.

For now, this report still stands as mere speculation so fans looking for a new Galaxy S7 design could still hope that Samsung would introduce a fresh one.