The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S7 will soon be arriving sooner rather than later and this time around, it is expected to be embedded with top-of-the-line ESS audio chip.

According to Phone Arena, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 will feature a high-end digital-to-analog (DAC) converter. While Samsung is known for emphasizing sound quality when it comes to its premium devices, this time around the company appears to be going all out.

The Galaxy S7 is expected to come embedded with an ESS Sabre 9018AQ2M DAC convertor, as reported by China’s MyDrivers. The powerful chip offers top-of-the-line performance with its 32-bit mobile audio setup which also minimizes distortion and ensures better battery life.

Aside from the ESS audio chip, the Galaxy S7 is also rumored to be packing in some other high-end specs. For starters, a 20MP ISOCELL camera is expected to arrive onboard, as well as a USB Type-C connector. As for the processors, the rumor mills suggest three versions, Exynos 8890, 7422, and Snapdragon 820, which will be made available per region.

Speculations about the displays indicate either a 5.2-inch or a 5.7-inch screen with 4K resolutions. Rumors are also rife about the device launching with options for either a curved or a flat screen. While this is still a little out there, fans will know soon enough.

It was reportedly that Samsung has employed new project management methods, which have resulted to shortening of the development cycle. According to Phone Arena, this could mean Samsung would be able to make the launching for Galaxy S7 as early as January 2016.

There were also rumors about Samsung launching the device at MWC, which will be held from February 22 to February 25 next year. So, chances are fans may be able to get their hands on the flagship soon enough.

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