Samsung’s latest duo flagship handsets, the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, were quite the showstoppers during the Mobile World Congress 2016. The South Korean tech giant had to step up its game once again and prove that it could do better to last year’s flagship handsets. Now that the reviews are out, it seems like Samsung has proven its point, and the Galaxy S7 can easily edge out the competition not only in performance but also the battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 that was announced last year only featured 2,550 mAh of battery rating. This year, the company bumps it up to 3,000 mAh of juice to deliver more of your screen time with the handset. Granted, this may have seen a bit of a tradeoff for Samsung to successfully pull off. The Galaxy S7 is now 0.7.9mm thick as compared to its predecessor, which only has a 6.8mm thickness. But then again, that minimal difference in size is very negligible, and you probably won’t notice it at the onset.

Google also managed to improve Android’s battery management on Marshmallow compared to Lollipop. Combine that with the larger battery of the Galaxy S7 and it’s very much a given that it can surpass the Galaxy S6 on that account. More to the point, Samsung also has its Ultra Power Saving Mode, which simplifies your home screen and limits your app usage to save up battery life that could last for days.

In Know Your Mobile’s battery test, the Samsung Galaxy S7 managed to beat the competition by a stretch. It rated 17 hours and 48 minutes in a continuous video playback test, while the iPhone 6s, Nexus 6P, Xperia Z5, and OnePlus Two weren’t able to scratch the 12-hour mark.

Samsung’s decision to go with a non-removable battery with a lower rating last year didn’t sit well with its user base. Now that the company is itching for a comeback, Samsung just made the Galaxy S7 the phone to beat.