Whispers about Samsung Galaxy S7 Active hitting town soon have been doing the rounds and now it appears that the device may indeed be making an appearance.

Samsung loyalists had witnessed the release of Galaxy S6 Active, a more rugged version of the flagship possessing a waterproof chassis, as noted by TechRadar. So, the rumours about the Galaxy S7 Active arriving may not have surprised many; but the details about the device have remained under wraps so far.

Now it turns out that one of Samsung’s own app may have let the cat out of the bag, indicating that the Galaxy S7 Active may probably be hitting store shelves. Folks at SamMobile found the name of the unannounced device amidst a roster of supported smartphones on the Samsung Level app. What this leak does is ascertain that the speculated device will be arriving but there are no details out there with regards to when it will happen. However, speculations are rife that the smartphone should be introduced to the world quite soon. Well, keep an eye out for further details on this one.

But what many may be wondering is, what’s the purpose of a Galaxy S7 Active version? Samsung fans were given a Galaxy S6 Active since it was dust and waterproof, which the standard flagship variant wasn’t. However, as many may be aware the Galaxy S7 with its IP68 protection also boasts of being dustproof and waterproof.

However, there could be takers for Galaxy S7 Active which is expected to be a durable device with physical buttons, as seen on the S6 Active. If it will be following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the S7 Active will sport a different design and come with “military-grade protection (MIL-STD-810G) from liquids, particles, drops, and other things,” as noted by SamMobile. Furthermore, the device is also expected to possess a larger battery in comparison to the one on Galaxy S7.

However, chances are, the smartphone will only be coming through AT&T for Samsung loyalists in the United States. Keep coming back for more rumours, speculations and updates on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.