The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made headlines not long after its release. However, the news it made were far from the raves that previous products of the tech company got. Instead, it spread fear among avid users regarding the dangers that the device brought.

After news of Note 7s exploding in the middle of the night and burning cars, among others, Samsung issued a voluntary recall last September. With the recall, the company implemented an exchange program where Note 7 owners can replace their originally bought device with a new Note 7.

As per the Samsung Safety Recall Page, there are two other options. One included replacing the Note 7 with a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Another option allowed users to opt for a refund.

However, it appears that despite these precautionary measures, danger still lurks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement danger

A recent article by The Verge revealed that even a replacement Note 7 is still at risk of catching fire. According to the source, a smoking Galaxy Note 7 prompted the evacuation of passengers bound for Baltimore via Southwest Airlines flight 994.

No injuries were reported from the incident.

However, despite the fortunate outcome, the event highlights the danger that the Note 7 still poses. Given that it’s a replacement, it raises a question on the credibility of the recall.

Samsung has yet to release details regarding the incident.

End of the Note 7?

Although events at Southwest Airlines remains the only known incident involving a replacement Note 7, Edward C. Baig of USA Today relays that there have been reports of similar cases.

Furthermore, Baig offers that Samsung could have three options at this point. The most glaring among them is “pull the plug on the Note 7s”.

It remains to be seen how Samsung addresses this new issue.

For updates on this matter and news on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, check back with us.